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Did the Resurrection actually happen?

For our current sermon series, we’ve kept the most important topic for last — the resurrection of Jesus. I assume most of us in the room take the Resurrection of Jesus for granted, but there are some who find the plausibility of a resurrected Christ pretty impossible:...

A Letter From Vineyard Missions

Dear Friends, I continue to be amazed and thrilled at how God is at work around the world and how we get to be a part of seeing the Kingdom break into the lives of people, bringing redemption to entire families and communities around the globe. So many of our Vineyard...

Grinchmas Party – Dec. 2, 5-8pm

“Maybe Christmas,“ he thought, “Doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.” The Vineyard community is gathering to celebrate our Christmas party on Sunday, December 2, from 5 to 8pm! We’ll have lots of fun, including: Christmas games....

Women in the Kingdom of God (Resources and the Podcast)

 On Sunday, I shared a message addressing the question, "Is Christianity oppressive to women?" Take a listen by clicking "play" above or go here and download it. My conclusion is that, yes, sometimes Christianity has been oppressive to women and has marginalized...

Discerning A Local Church’s Work In Global Missions

This blog piece is part one of what will be an ongoing, monthly series at Vineyard Missions, as we journey with Red Bluff Vineyard in their process of discerning the specifics of their global missions engagement. Stay tuned for future installments. Vineyard Missions...

“How can there be only one true religion?”

Last week we began our new sermon series, The Reason for Faith (you can download the podcast via our website, church app, or through the Apple podcast app). My goal was to introduce why I believe it’s important that we wrestle with tough and challenging questions...

The Reason for Faith (an introduction)

In the last fifty years, we have experienced a significant culture shift in our country. We used to be able to consider Christianity as “home team” because most Americans appeared to have some sort of allegiance to the Christian faith, partly due to people in previous...

The Feeling of Coming Home

On Sunday, pastor Luke shared from Luke 15 parable of the Prodigal Son and how the feeling of "coming home" is so important in the Vineyard.    

The Power of Hospitality…

Over the Labor Day weekend, pastor Luke preached a sermon in our new series, Core Community, titled "The Power of Hospitality."  The sermon was based off of the Apostle Paul's words in Romans 12 to "always be ready to show hospitality." Luke showed how hospitality was...

Finding Joy: Worship, Suffering, and the Joy of New Creation

On Sunday, pastor Luke gave the second message in our sermon series Finding Joy. Exploring the relationship between worship, suffering and joy in the New Creation, Luke provided three practical ways to engage in worship that leans on the type of joy that perseveres in...

How do I become a leader in the Vineyard?

The Bible says that leadership in the church is a great work for a person to aspire to (1 Tim. 3:1). We’re glad you are pursuing leadership here at the Vineyard because we know that our church will only be as strong as the leaders in it. Therefore, we take leadership...

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