Katy & Bill Knight

Bill & Katy Knight

Katie Knight is the Red Bluff Vineyard’s accountant. She is involved in many facets of the church, including the Vintage Group (age 65 and over), the Coffee hour before service each Sunday, and as a substitute teacher in the 2nd thru 5th grade class. Katie loves Jesus, her family and her many friends. She has planned and executed seven Mystery Dinner theaters as a fund raiser and says she couldn’t have done it without all the help of the actors, chefs, waiters, decorators (all from the congregation) and of course, Bill, her stage man.

She claims she’s well rounded (several meanings) as she has been a member of the Baptist church, the Nazarene church, the Assembly of God church and the Vineyard. Oh, and her mother was a member of the Christian Science church in her younger years. They were married in 1966 and have both lived in Red Bluff since 1947. The Knights came to the Vineyard in 1996. Their Daughters, Kelly Lindauer and Trudi Morris, visited first and encouraged Bill and Katie to join them.

The Vineyard church has become very important to her and she knows that she wants to spend her remaining days serving Jesus here. Bill and Katie Knight are on the elder’s board of the Vineyard Church of Red Bluff.

The Knights have a son in Wyoming, but the rest of their family lives in Red Bluff and attends the Vineyard.  While they have borne 3 children, they claim many  more as their own. So when asked they will tell you they have a son, four+ daughters, eleven grandkids, and three great grandkids, with one on the way.

Bill is a heavy equipment operator and at 75 years of age, he’s still got a job or two lined up. He is thankful to God for giving him this gift.

They both love the Vineyard and will continue to serve in any capacity God leads them into!

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