We’ve experienced remarkable growth over the past year and it’s largely due to how invitational and welcoming you have all been! Keep it up!

One of the things we want to do as leaders is provide you with resources to help you both grow as a follower of Jesus and help others come to faith in Jesus. In our cultural context, people seem to still respond to being “invited to church,” so we want to help you (which is why we have a ton of postcards all over the Vineyard). Easter is an excellent opportunity to be more intentional in inviting people to church to hear about Jesus. It’s an easy invite – because church is on most people’s radar.

Here are 10 tips:

  1. Be excited – don’t be embarrassed about Jesus!
  2. Be upfront – Jesus is important to you and you want your friend to hear the Easter story so they understand why.
  3. Be creative – maybe invite people to lunch or dinner after a service.
  4. Use the postcards – having something in your hand helps the invite.
  5. Explain what will happen at church – for most people, it’s totally bizarre!
  6. Be persistent – even if they say no this time, invite them again – maybe next week!
  7. Invite a crowd – if 1 or 2 say no, maybe 1 or 2 will say yes!
  8. Introduce them to other friends from church before Easter.
  9. Be confident – our aim is to make the gospel as clear as possible over Easter.
  10. Pray expectantly – God is gracious and awesome in power to change lives!

What would you add?




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