I remember showing up to the 9:00am service at the Vineyard last April feeling really disconnected and lonely. A few weeks later, as I thought about why I was feeling so disconnected, I realized that in the process of changing to two services, the leadership had decided to take out a part of the service, the 10 minute break right after our music! This is when we used to get up, refill our coffee, and chat with those around us. It had been such a helpful time for me to meet others in the church and feel connection. I am sure this change was due to lack of time, since now there were two services, but I was slightly bitter. I had felt a little caught off guard and darn it, they did not consult me on this change or know how much it was affecting me! Just kidding. Change is hard for me, so it took me some time to adjust but I eventually found other moments here and there to connect with others in the church.

Since I need that time to adjust, Luke’s message on Sunday was so helpful for me. Luke shared that we will be adding a third service on Wednesday nights, beginning in June. We have five whole months to get used to the idea, praise the Lord! I will need it. If I am going to be honest, I am a little nervous. How will this change effect me and will some of my normal community at church suddenly move to a different service?

Luke then shared that we are moving from a season of just placing volunteers randomly to more intentionally encouraging people to take time and see the passions and giftings people have and then encouraging people to serve where they best fit! This is so great because it means we have some time to stop and think about how we fit into this new picture of what the Vineyard looks like. Will you change services? Will you be a part of the team to start the new Wednesday night service? Maybe you are not sure what your giftings are quite yet. Either way, I feel a sense of excitement in the midst of this change and opportunity.

I am so excited to process this change together and, with time, slowly be able to let go of what the Vineyard has been for us until this point. I am excited to see you step into something new and then see what starts pouring out of all of you. I am sure it will be beautiful. I pray for a growing of excitement and expectation for us within the Red Bluff Vineyard… and that God would show us more about how He can use us, just being who He has made us to be, to bring glory to Him.

About the Author
Krystal Burke is married to Kyler and together they have two amazing sons! With passion for God’s kingdom, joy for loving people, and one of the most gifted bakers in the universe, Krystal is a huge blessing to the Vineyard community and Red Bluff in general.



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