Planting Training Tracks

The Red Bluff Vineyard follows the National Vineyard Church Planting team’s four step process and has also created specific opportunities for prospective planters to accomplish these steps. There are four tracks that a person may take to partner with us to plant churches. Through these tracks, we will seek to identify leaders, shape and nurture the Vineyard DNA in prospective planters, facilitate leadership development, and offer practical instruction for each step of the planting process. The four tracks are:

1.  The Church Residency Program

A one year program that meets at the Red Bluff Vineyard one weekend each month. These sessions focus on formation, vision, evangelism, and practical church planting issues. This track is great for those who live in Red Bluff or reside out of town but are able to travel to Red Bluff for one weekend a month.

For more information about the Residency Program, click here.

2.  Church Planting Boot Camp

The Church Planting Boot Camps occur with partnership with Multiply Vineyard and with the Northwest Region. They are specifically designed to identify and nurture the skills necessary to be a church planter or be part of the a core leadership team.

Each Boot Camp quarter provides training, assessment, and mentoring opportunities. These provide both practical opportunities to hone our church planting skills as well as provide a safe context for constructive evaluation from mentors and classmates. Through the evaluation process, the mentors will be able to address how you might best serve in a church plant.

3.  Internships

Internships offer an opportunity to join the extension ministry of the Red Bluff Vineyard by supporting our church. In this context, potential planters will be able to sharpen their church planting skills. This track is available for those living in the Red Bluff area.

4.  Staff Opportunities

These positions are limited, but are designed for persons with seminary training and ministry experience who will be able to contribute to the ministry of Vineyard Columbus while also receiving extensive training and mentoring. This track would require a move to Red Bluff.

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