4 Step Planting Process

On our National Vineyard Church Planting website, MultiplyVineyard.org, there is a four step process for potential church planters:

1. Get to know us.
2. Let us get to know you.
3. Get some training
4. Get out there and plant

Here are the details for this process:

Get To Know Us

The best way to get to know us is to get involved at our church.  Real discipleship happens best when we are face-to-face with other people.  We place substantial value on relationships.  This value is one of our core distinctives.  It is through relationships that our values, our priorities, and our practices are passed on, and these things are more easily caught in a local church setting which includes practical, real-time training as well as in-depth biblical studies.  So, we invite you to get yourself deeply involved in our church if you’d like to help to plant a new one.

Let Us Get To Know You

We consider it an incredible gift when someone comes to us wanting to explore a life of ministry and possibly church planting. And we want to help to discern how and where God might be calling you to invest your life. Consider this an extended act of pastoral care. Our desire is to help you determine the best fit for your life: international or domestic church planting, senior pastor, site or campus pastor, or a staff pastor. So we have developed a relational discernment process that takes place over the course of four phases.

Phase 1:  Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?

As a potential church planter, take some time to prayerfully read over these questions, continuing to ask God what he has for your life and ministry, and what ministry situation might be the best fit for you. Then we recommend getting together with a leader in our church to have some honest conversations about your particular strengths and weaknesses, and where God might be inviting you to participate in ministry. Click on the link above to see the 10 questions sheet.

Phase 2: Online Church Planter Candidate Assessment

Church Planter Candidate Assessment is an online assessment instrument which helps potential church planters and their partner organization identify areas of strength and other areas that will need development. What traits should a church planter have? Are there discernable personal qualities evident among those who have planted successfully? This series of online assessments costs $29. You will get the results right away. A copy of your results will also be sent to us. Based on the results, you may or may not want to continue with the church planting discovery process. However, if you do want to continue with the process, we’d love to help!

Phase 3: Informal Church Planting Interview

This is really more of a conversation than an interview. During this time, we will discuss the twelve characteristics necessary for a church planter, accompanied by prayer ministry. After this conversation, we will make recommendations about whether or not the Church Planting Residency Program will be a good next step for you.

Phase 4: Church Planter Application

This church planter application will allow us to get some more detailed information about who you are and what kind of church you want to plant.

Get Some Training

Training is a vital piece to a church plant’s success.  We value knowledge and preparation and encourage potential church planters to seek out guidance and training from our local and regional pastors.  Our Church Planting Residency Program is designed to offer this training in the most effective way that we know how.  See details of the Program below.

Get Out There and Plant

This is the fun part!  Now that you’re ready to plant, only thing left is to go out and do what you are called to do!  Our church’s leadership and the national church planting team of Vineyard USA is committed to keep working alongside the planter once they have launched their church. We’ve developed a team of certified church planting coaches trained to come alongside the church planter throughout the first two years of the church plant.

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