Do you shop on Of course you do.

Why not earn a few free dollars for your church while you shop?

Some time ago, introduced a special donation program called “Amazon Smile“. The program allows its customers to designate a non-profit cause or charity for which to raise funds without any additional cost or change in price. It’s so easy, even I can do it, and I did!

If 100 average Amazon Prime shoppers at our church started using Amazon Smile for all purchases, we’d be receiving between $500-1000 per year in donations!

It only takes 3 steps to start earning $ for Red Bluff Vineyard!

  1. Go to and login to your regular Amazon account
  2. Designate Red Bluff Vineyard as your Amazon Smile “charity”
    • If you haven’t designated a charity yet, you’ll be prompted with a search box
    • If you already picked a charity it will display (see box #1 below).
      To change it, go to Your Account > Account Settings > Change Your Charity (#2 below) 
      If you’ve already selected a charity, you’ll see it at #1. To change it, go to account settings at #2.

      Search for ‘Red Bluff Vineyard’ and select it!

  3. Shop as normal. Just make sure you always go to when you intend to buy something on Amazon. *Tip: use a bookmark or just start typing “smile” in your browser and most browsers will auto-fill the rest for you each time after the first visit 🙂

Take note: subscription products (auto delivered baby supplies, movie rentals, etc.) and repeating items don’t count!

To make sure that Red Bluff Vineyard earns donations for these types of purchases, consider doing it manually instead of via subscription!

Important: You MUST shop at (instead of just in order to earn the donations for your charity!

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