Monday, January 29, 2018, my mom was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because her husband found her unresponsive in bed.  When she arrived at the ER, doctors and nurses did all that they could to figure out what was going on with her.  Mom had been sick for at least a week from the havoc of this year’s cold and flu season, but she is one who doesn’t let those things get her down.  However, things took a turn for the worse that day apparently.  That night her temperature was 105.7, blood pressure through the roof, and her right side of her body flaccid.  When I arrived at the hospital at 1:00 am on Tuesday, it was the scariest thing I have witnessed in my entire life.  I will spare you the gruesome details, and just tell you it was absolutely horrifying.  All I could get out to Jesus was, “Help!”  I love Jesus with all my heart, and know full well that He is Sovereign, but seeing the woman who gave birth to me in the devastating state she was in, had me absolutely wrecked.  I clung to God and chose to believe in miracles.  He alone could save her.

Mom received a whopping dose of antibiotics fairly quickly and a doctor and nurse in the ER tried unsuccessfully to do a spinal tap, then they admitted her into the ICU.  They told me that they couldn’t get her in to do an MRI until 8:30 am to see what was going on.  We just had to wait.  I don’t do waiting well.  I sat at the foot of my mom’s bed and thought she wasn’t going to make it.  Around 6:00 am, nurses came in to put a cooling blanket under mom, but after watching mom’s temperature still climb, I put my hand on the blanket and felt it.  It was hot, not cold.  I urged the nurses to do something of course, and they finally listened to me and took the blanket from her.  At 8:30 am, I asked why they weren’t taking my mom for her MRI and mom’s new nurse said it wasn’t scheduled until 12:30 pm.  My jaw had to hit the floor in that moment.  I became a bit irate, and asked to speak to the doctor.  After consulting with him, expressing my concerns, and asking if she was stable enough to move to another hospital, he made calls to transfer her.  Of course, at that time, they were able to rush her in to get an MRI before she was transferred. 

Jesus, the Ultimate Healer, and Mercy Hospital staff saved my mom’s life.  Shortly after arriving at Mercy, mom was cared for by the most amazing doctor I have ever met in my life.  Dr. Struve used his expertise given to him by God to make a plan for my mom.  He said mom had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and after she had a successful spinal tap, they found out she had a severe case of meningitis.

Everything became a blur of emotions, tears, and overwhelming pain for me.  I did, however, know that God had a plan and was not going to leave.  Mom was in a coma for three days.  I did everything to be there as much as I could and not leave her.  I prayed the most powerful prayers I have ever prayed in my life.  I knew people were praying as well, as soon as I relayed on Slack that mom needed everyone to intercede and pray for miracles to heal mom’s body.  I cried out for help, and God, and my amazing church listened and came through.

After three days, mom started to wake up.  The only way I can describe it is that she was like a baby, learning how to function again.  It was absolutely breathtakingly good when she made small improvements.  My mentors, Harry and Nancy McClure, took me out for sushi one day and a walk at the Sundial Bridge when I received the best phone call of my life.  Mom was talking!  I ran to her and loved on her as fiercely as I ever had.  I told her Jesus loved her and was healing her and she said, “Jesus loves me.”  It was the best thing I ever heard my mom say. 

The past four weeks have been the longest weeks of my life, but I am learning to wait on the Lord.  He does good things.  I know it.  I am mom’s nurse now and before this, that would have not been my thing even in the slightest.  I learned how to administer antibiotics intravenously and that is my job now.  I would do anything for my mom.  That is a gift from God that I have the ability and privilege to do.  Life is so precious and God works miracles.  I saw them with my own eyes.  I have three tidbits of advice and hope to leave you with.  Trust God no matter what, don’t take your family, especially your parents, for granted, and if you need someone to talk to about miracles, contact me.  I am so thankful for all your prayers that God would heal my mom miraculously.  He did it, and I am forever grateful.

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Andrea Martin leads our Outreach Team here at the Vineyard and is an educator, mentor, and servant-leader. A graduate from Simpson University, Andrea is passionate about city transformation, leadership, and missional activities leading people to know Jesus and make him known!


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