Well yesterday’s worship gathering was really fun. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of new people and connected with some people I really love knowing! I mean, church gatherings are so relational and I always love seeing friends and families!

As we were celebrating Communion, I was struck by how in many church expressions, the Lord’s Supper is very private and individualistic. As I was standing in the front and watching people come to the Table to receive the Bread and Cup, I was reminded about how in the New Testament, Communion was a family meal that was celebrated by everyone together and it was far more community based than our American private perspective. It isn’t that taking time to reflect on oneself isn’t good… it’s just not the dominant theme.

So we took a few minutes to look around at each other and think deeply on Jesus’ death and how knowing God is about knowing Love. 

My talk was on Jesus’ life. For anyone interested in a great book on Jesus, I can’t recommend John Stott’s The Incomparable Christ. This is an excellent resource and well worth a purchase and reading.

Anyway… look forward to talking to you soon!






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