Did you know there have been numerous studies conducted that indicate 83% of all Christians make their commitment to Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14, that is, when they are children or early youth. This topic has become so well studied that it is now referred to the “4-14 Window”. Here are Red Bluff Vineyard we are blessed with a thriving children’s ministry, our Sunday morning classes provided cater from age 0 up to 8th grade.

It is important to us that we provide a culture that is fun and desirable for all of these kids to come and experience God’s presence and to ultimately make the life long lasting decision to personally commit their lives to Christ. Because of our motivation to provide this our ministry is constantly evolving and changing to accommodate the different needs that arise during church growth.

We have decided, beginning in May, to move the handful of RBV 5th graders out of the children’s large group worship and into the adult worship and Jr High age (6-8) youth classroom on Sunday mornings. With a larger number of preschool to 2nd graders currently in attendance we believe these 5th grade kids will feel much more comfortable and excited to be spending their Sundays with middle school age kids that are all also increasingly interested in spending time with friends, beginning to understand different points of view and developing a better sense of how things are connected. This is an imperative change for these kids that are seeking to explore their personal relationships with the Lord and are less interested in the children’s worship and craft type activities.

So 5th grade families enjoy the upcoming change and we pray this age group will be blessed by this exciting new journey in Vineyard Youth.

~Niki Wolter
RBV Childrens Pastor


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