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Face the WindFace the Wind: The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Formation (June 12, 19, 26).

Beginning on June 12, the Red Bluff Vineyard is going to spend three weeks in a sermon series called Face the Wind. We’ll explore how the Holy Spirit works in order to help us become more like Jesus, especially in relation to Scripture, prayer, and serving others. Through these activities (and many more!), the Holy Spirit helps tune our head, heart, and hands to be ambassadors for God’s kingdom. Join us and invite your friends and family!

EDLD#EDLD – Do it Again

While some Christians are always trying to figure out what’s “new” and “hot” and “trendy,” we’re committed to joining God’s mission, a mission he has been involved in for a really long time! So for the month of July, we’re going to explore why the Vineyard is committed to evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and diversity… and why we want to keep doing it over and over and over!

Kingdom CommunityKingdom Community: The Church of [insert quality here].

Howard Snyder called the Church The Community of the King, an apt description of just whose church we are! John Wimber described the church that he would join as being a Bible teaching church, a worshipping church, a relational church, a church that values healing, a training community, a ministering-to-the-poor church, an evangelical and discipling church, a merciful and giving church, a growing and relevant church, a kingdom church, and finally a missional church. So what qualities and characteristics are foundational for a church to embody these commitments? For the month of July, we’re going to explore just a few of those qualities! Just what kind of church does Jesus want? Join us and invite your friends and family!

Speaking of JesusSpeaking of Jesus: The Art of Non-Evangelism.

The word “evangelism” has become a pretty scary word. We often think of people like Billy Graham and have pictures of people standing on the street corners yelling at people! I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind when he told his disciples to tell people about him and his kingdom. For the month of August, we’re going to explore some of the most effective ways for you to share your faith, story, and relationship with Jesus. We’ve learned  a lot from Carl Medearis’ Speaking of Jesus and want to spend the month talking about some of his big ideas! Join us and invite your friends and family!

God’s Empowering Presence.

It has been said that the Vineyard’s favorite prayer is, “Come Holy Spirit.” While we certainly love the person and work of the Spirit, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking about the Holy Spirit only in regards to spiritual gifts or worship. In this series, we’re going to spend time talking about a more comprehensive understanding of the work of the Spirit! You won’t want to miss this time of focusing our attention on and experiencing the presence of God’s own Spirit! Join us and invite your friends and family!

Take this Job and Shove Love it: A Series on Work & Following Jesus.

The Apostle Paul wrote that we should do all things for the glory of God. That means that many of the tasks that we think are “mundane” and “boring” are, in fact, things we can do for the glory of God! In this series, we’re going to explore what following Jesus means about our work life. How can we bring meaning to our jobs? What would it look like to work toward being a city of peace? What counts as “ministry”? Join us to explore these important topics!

Jonah: A Whale of a StoryJonah: A Whale of a Story.

The Book of Jonah is the story of God’s desire to use a broken person (Jonah) and God’s heart for a broken world. In this sermon series, we’ll look at the story of Jonah, the whale, and what we can learn from God’s heart for the city of Nineveh. If you’ve never read the story of Jonah, you won’t want to miss this series. If you think Moby Dick is a great story, Jonah will blow your mind! Join us as we hear the story afresh and reflect on what we can learn from Jonah. Invite your friends and family because everyone is welcome!

AdventAdvent (December).

Presents, presents, presents. The world around us is caught in the holidays, but often they are caught up in the wrong things. Things like presents, presents, presents. Yet the holidays remind us of the greatest present of all, God’s very own presence at the Incarnation, when God became a man and dwelt among us. For the month of December, we’ll look toward Advent to focus our gaze upon the beauty of Jesus’ birth. We’d love to have you join us!

A Meal w/ JesusA Meal w/ Jesus: Grace, Community, & Mission Around the Table.

Jesus made his mission quite clear. He said, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). He came to find the broken and save them. Pretty clear, right? But how did Jesus carry out his mission? Throughout the Gospel of Luke, we read about Jesus either heading to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. Meals are a significant feature of Jesus’ earthly ministry! For the month of October, we’re going to spend time exploring five aspects of Jesus’ missional approach by looking at the “biblical theology” of the Gospel of Luke in order to discover how Jesus used meals to teach us about grace, community, and mission.

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