The Red Bluff Vineyard has some openings on a team for fine folks to begin serving. But we’re pretty sure that you might not be qualified for it. Here are some reasons why:

1. This opening is for people who like people. I mean the type of people who like to make sure that somebody showing up twenty-five minutes late to a Sunday morning service gets greeted or just waved to. Or the type of person who could help a first-timer get pointed towards a Connect Team greeter so that they can get welcomed and one of our county-famous goody bags. But this isn’t you, so you probably wouldn’t qualify.

2. We’re also looking for the type of person who gives a rip about kids, too. This person likes to make sure that our Vineyard Kids stay safe and that none of the curious littles manage to wander off. The type who’s been known to stroll down the hallway pretending to go to the bathroom but really it’s because they saw somebody who looked like they were up to something head down the hallway and you – I mean they – just had to look into it. But that’s not you so nevermind. You probably wouldn’t qualify.

3. The team is also looking for the type of person with a good head on their shoulders, a guy or gal, who’s observant and maybe even been called discerning. The type of person who tends to know what’s going on in a room or a crowd even when others don’t always notice. They care to keep peace and order and have an eagle eye… in the back of their head. But that’s not you, so you probably wouldn’t qualify.

4. This team is also looking for somebody who wants to help in the church. They’re not plugged in to a serving team yet, or just maybe wanting to do something extra or try something new for a bit. This person has at least one (1) eye, speaks at least one (1) world language and has the use of at least three (3) total toes and/or fingers. But this isn’t you so — wait, is this you?

All kidding aside, The Red Bluff Vineyard Safety Team is looking for some trustworthy people who love Jesus to help out, keeping a watchful and caring eye on the property while the rest of us are inside worshiping. These people are probably the first that someone may meet if they show up to the Vineyard lost, in the middle of the service or having a special need and reaching out to the church (as they should) to get some help. Or maybe they just need a drink of water or to use the restroom and somebody to show them the way (and to ensure that they eventually find their way back to the sanctuary or the front door). Thankfully we enjoy plentiful peace on the church property and this is due in part to the volunteers who have been serving us in this way.

Here are some things that you don’t have to be in order to serve on the safety team (but you’re welcome if you are):

  • a black belt in Icelandic judo
  • a former US Marine sniper
  • a frequent wearer of mirrored aviator glasses
  • a body builder
  • a Navajo Codetalker
  • a mutant shapeshifter
  • a man

It’s not really too complicated and it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. We just need you to be there and to care.

If you’re interested in serving in the Safety Team at the Red Bluff Vineyard, here’s 4 steps to get more info:

  1. Fill out the Connect Card on a Sunday morning (it’s the long white strip inside the bulletin) and mention that you’re interested
  2. See somebody at the Connect Station in the foyer on a Sunday before or after a service
  3. Call the church office at (530) 527-2449
  4. Use the contact form on the Contact Us page


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