This Saturday night we’re going to be hosting a worship night. Some people have asked me what exactly a worship night is.

Firstly I believe worship is defined best in romans 12 where Paul talks about giving our lives as living sacrifices. This is ultimate worship as is modeled after Jesus’ life and the way he sacrificed it for us! This is love through and through. And so worship is our way of adoring and loving God.

In the Vineyard this is expressed through song and praise and we believe we can be intimate with the Father through worshiping him through songs. We’re giving our whole lives to God. John Wimber – the founder of the Vineyard said “our hearts desire should be to worship God.”

And so on Saturday night (tomorrow evening) we’re going to have an extended session of worship songs where we’re going to invite the Holy Spirit and also offer to for prayer and ministry. Although we’re going to have amazing songs that will help bring us into God’s presence, at the end of the day we’re not there to feel good about ourselves, we’re there to worship God. Because it’s it’s through his Love for us that we find everything we need in life, and we were made to worship and glorify Him. It’s all about Him! 🙂


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