This coming Friday, we’ve reserved the Lariat Bowling Alley here in Red Bluff! We’ll be gathering together from 7 to 9pm (you can purchase tickets here).

Some of you may be thinking, “Bowling isn’t really my thing, so why should I go?” That’s a fair question. Here are five reasons you should totally come and invite as many of your friends as you can.

5 Reasons You Should Bowl & Invite Friends!

(1) This is a great way to connect with other people. One of the best ways to meet new people and form friendships is during the various events we have! Sometimes it’s kind of hard to meet new people on a Sunday morning, so we try and schedule our events to create space for people to connect. This bowling event is one of those events! So come and meet new people… even if you aren’t a super bowler (trust me, you won’t be alone on that).

(2) This is a great way to introduce unchurched people to the church. There are some people for whom the idea of attending a church for the first time is kind of scary. They feel like they don’t know all the secret handshakes and all the right Christianese words. Events like adult bowling are a really easy place for them to find out that the Vineyard is full of people just like them. Those relationships make it a lot easier to check us out on a Sunday.

(3) Bowling alley food. I mean… need we have any other reasons than this alone? The food at Lariat is so good!

(4) This is a great way to support a local business, which helps us keep fun things like this local! Sadly, lots of small towns are losing bowling alleys and other fun businesses. We’re super excited to be able to “keep it local” and have a lot of fun while making sure that we do our part to keep our small town full of great business like Lariat!

(5) Pastor Dawn Geraty will be there. She is the life of every party and a really great bowler. So you should come and hang out with her!

Don’t worry if you don’t bowl! People will just be hanging out too.
And if you aren’t a bowler, there is mini-golf for the same price! 

Tickets are only $15 if you prepay!

So who is coming with us? Who has their tickets?

What reasons would you add?

(let us know in the comments!)

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